Indigenous Justice Clearinghouse Forum

Justice Reinvestment

12 October 2021 10:00am-2:00pm AEDT

Focused on Australia and New Zealand, the Indigenous Justice Clearinghouse is a collaborative partnership whose goal is to reduce Indigenous over-representation in the criminal justice system and improve safety in Indigenous communities by providing policy makers and those working in the Indigenous justice field with quality, accessible information about Indigenous justice issues and ‘what works’.

The online half day forum is a continuation of past events where public policy makers, program designers, and speakers shared learning on relevant topics including bail and remand (2017), adolescent family violence (2018) and, more recently, reducing over-representation and Closing the Gap Justice Targets (June 2021).

The topic for the forum will be "Justice Reinvestment". It will aim to share information on the development of justice reinvestment and its application within the Australian context. Participants will share their experience in what is working in their communities with the aim of demonstrating how government partnership with community, academics and the private sector can help reduce crime, improve safety and strengthen Indigenous communities.

The Indigenous Justice Clearinghouse looks forward to welcoming you to the Forum.

The Agenda

Welcome to Country
Introductions and Welcome from Co-Chairs
National overview of JR in Australia - Justice Reinvestment Network Australia - Fiona Allison and Chris Cunneen
Community Representation: Tiraapendi Wodli (Port Adelaide)
Community Representation: Maranguka (Bourke)
Community Representation: Olabud Doogethu (Western Australia)
Panel Q&A
Aboriginal Legal Service - Sarah Hopkins
Community Representation: Judy Duncan (Moree)
Kowa Collaboration - Skye Trudgett
Panel Q&A
Presentation: Professor Lorana Bartels
Presentation: Professor Ian Lambie
Panel Q&A
Wrap Up
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Matthew Doyle
Dancer, musician, songman, didgeridoo (Yiḏaki) player, cultural consultant and educator
About speaker
Fiona Allison
Jumbunna, Institute for Indigenous Education and Research, UTS
Research Fellow working at the Cairns Institute, JCU
About speaker
Chris Cunneen
Professor of Criminology
University of Technology Sydney
About speaker
Alistair Ferguson
Executive Director and Founder
About speaker
Sarah Hopkins
Managing Solicitor, Justice Projects at the Aboriginal Legal Service ACT/NSW.
Co-Chair, Just Reinvest NSW
About speaker
Skye Trudgett
Kowa Collaboration
About speaker
Professor Ian Lambie
Chief Science Advisor to the Justice Sector & Professor in Clinical Psychology at the University of Auckland
Ministry of Justice, Department of Corrections and Police
About speaker
Debbie Moyle
Tiraapendi Wodli (Port Adelaide)
About speaker
Dean Mosquito
Olabud Doogethu (WA)
About speaker
Judy Duncan (Moree)
Moree Community Engagement Officer
About speaker
Professor Lorana Bartels
Professor of Criminology, ANU Centre for Social Research and Methods
College of Arts and Social Sciences
About speaker

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